Paragliding tandem flights in Ticino


We fly 365 days a year!

FlyTicino organizes tandem flights every day of the week, all year long. All flight activity is solely dictated by weather conditions and the opening of the gondolas to reach the mountain tops.


Flights from 7 mountains in Ticino!

FlyTicino proposes 7 different unique flying location in Ticino, located near Lugano, Locarno and Bellinzona. Moreover all of our takeoffs can be reached very easily by cable cars and gondolas.


Highly-qualified pilots with Swiss license!

All of our pilots are professionally trained in Switzerland and possess a Tandem FSVL license. Additionally, each one of our pilots flies with a full passenger insurance!


Equipment with high safety standards!

For all of our flights we use only modern and approved flight equipment with the highest safety standards. At FlyTicino, professionalism and precision are always placed first!

Paragliding in Ticino with our highly-qualified tandem pilots, is the easiest way to safely experience the magic of flying! Fully immersed in the sky, without any motors and far above normal civilization, your lungs filled with fresh air and your sights set on beautiful mountains of Ticino like Cimetta-Cardada, Monte Tamaro and Monte Lema! Thanks to a paragliding flight with FlyTicino you can make this dream a reality at affordable prices, with the guarantee of a highly professional service!

A tandem paragliding flight is also the perfect adventure for families and even for children, as confirmed by Ticino Turismo! There are no age limitations for flying, nor any special requirements. At takeoff, after a short briefing, you will be asked to run together with your tandem pilot for a few meters, before being lifted into the air by the glider and becoming fully airborne, as you can see in this video. Your pilot will take care of everything, leaving you to fully experience the flight and enjoy the wonderful landscapes of Ticino!

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