Is paragliding dangerous?

Thanks to the precision of modern weather forecasting and the high quality materials used for flying, paragliding is considered a very safe activity, even for children. Accidents are very rare. All tandem pilots from FlyTicino have passed very tough tandem paragliding exams in order to be licensed and be able to work with passengers. No stone is left unturned and nothing is left to chance.

What is the best season to fly?

The best thing about paragliding is that it can be safely practiced throughout the entire year! Flying in winter allows you to get close to snowy peaks, white trees, and fly above frozen waterfalls. It is simply magical! The fall amazes passengers with its golden shades and mild weather. During the summer it is possible to avoid the hot weather with an evening flight that showcases breathtaking views and enchanting sunsets. Finally, in spring, Ticino fills with the colors and the smells of all its flowers! For real passionate aficionados we recommend experiencing a paraglide flight in every season!

Is paragliding suitable for people with vertigo?

Absolutely! Vertigo is caused by a lack of orientation in balance, which can only be perceived at ground level, while staying put. When paragliding, there is no contact between the body and the ground.

Which variables determine the flying time?

Flying time is mostly dependent on the difference in elevation between takeoff and landing, as well as the presence of thermals. Under normal conditions, paragliding needs about one second per meter. This means that a flight from Cardada to Locarno (4,760-foot gap) takes about 25 minutes. The flight time may greatly increase because of thermals. Thermals are ascending convection of air which, if targeted, allow paragliders to reach higher heights and stay up in the air for several hours. Their presence is strongly influenced by the season, atmospheric pressure, and the sun.

Which is the best place in Ticino for paragliding?

Ticino is considered one of Switzerland’s most beautiful locations for paragliding. We have the chance to take off from countless mountains near Lugano, Bellinzona, Locarno, and Mendrisio. The most panoramic flight is without a doubt from Mount Lema, with its luxury, multi-shaded greenery. Mount Tamaro has interesting options for paragliding as well. After takeoff, you can reach the Medal Peaks with its frequent thermals allowing you to stay up for a very long time. Cardada is also worth being mentioned, being above Locarno, Ascona and Lake Maggiore at 5,250 feet.

How does takeoff take place?

Taking off with a tandem paraglide is extremely easy. First of all, the sail is completely open on the grass and all ropes are carefully checked to make sure there are no knots. Then, both the pilot and passenger wear harnesses, helmets, and windproof jumpsuits. Then all you have to do is take a short run and you will feel lighter and lighter as you gently take flight. Of course, the more inclined the takeoff point is, the quicker to set off the ground.

How is landing done?

Landing is always against the wind, in order to slow down the paraglide as much as possible. Passengers are asked to take a straight position in their harness and to take some steps ahead when touching the ground, in order to slow down the residual speed. By pulling certain specific ropes, the paraglide’s speed will be drastically reduced. This will allow for a very smooth landing. For this reason, paragliding is also a perfect activity even for children and the elderly.

Where does landing take place?

In Ticino, there are many places reserved for paraglide landing.
Flights from Mount Lema, for instance, have three official landing spots in Miglieglia, Sessa and Monteggio. Cimetta, on the other hand, requires landing in Locarno at the Maggia delta and another in Ascona ex aerodrome. In most cases, it is necessary to take a short drive from the landing place to the zip-line. From Lugano, Bellinzona, and Locarno it is also possible to reach many landing spots using means of public transportation.

Is it possible to carry a bag with personal belongings during the flight?

Yes, it is. You can carry a small bag or a small backpack, as long as they are a small size, because they will be stored in a back pocket in the harness.

What happens if the weather is not good on the flight day?

Paragliding flights will only take place when the weather conditions allow us to fly in total safety. In short, this means mild winds and no rain. It is important to specify a cloudy day does not necessarily mean not to fly. For organizational reasons, after a flight has been booked, it is only up to pilots to decide if a flight should be cancelled or not.

Do underage people pay less?

The price is the same for every age, since every passenger needs a tandem pilot and the same amount of time and responsibility.

Is it possible to bring one’s GoPro or camera along?

Sure it is. In this case the Photo & Video service will apply (CHF 40), being a double of the services provided by FlyTicino.

Is there a paragliding school in Ticino?

There are two schools in Ticino to take paragliding training lessons. One is near Mount Generoso, whilst the other is near Bellinzona. Paragliding training occurs many times during the year and takes place mostly on weekends from Cimetta-Cardada, Mount Tamaro, Santa Maria, Mount Generoso and other mountains near Lugano, Bellinzona and Locarno.

Do you have suggestions on where to stay in Ticino?

  • For tourists visiting Ticino to paraglide, we recommend staying at Camping Lugano Lake, at Camping Tresiana or at Hotel Paladina, from which you can quickly access the most beautiful flying sites in the region!
  • For those who prefer to book a Hotel in Italy, we recommend the beautiful Resort Parco San Marco, from which you can enjoy a wonderful lake view.