Congratulations, you will soon experience one of the most beautiful emotions in the world: the magic of paragliding! To better prepare for this fantastic adventure, we kindly ask you to read all the following important information:

How long does the whole activity last?

Usually, the total duration of the activity, from the initial meeting up to the landing, is approximately 1 hour and a half. However, we recommend that you keep yourself free for about 2 hours, as sometimes it can happen to wait for optimal wind conditions at take-off.

What should I wear?

  • Shoes: we recommend wearing trekking shoes. If you don’t have them, closed-toe sneakers are also fine.
  • Clothes: we suggest wearing long and light trousers (in the warmer months shorts are also fine). We highly recommend that you always bring a pullover (even in summer!) and a windbreaker. At take-off unnecessary clothes can easily be stored in the harness rear-compartment. Keep in mind that the temperature in flight is much colder than on the ground.
  • Protection: remember to bring sunglasses. Helmet and gloves are organized directly by us.

Are you strict on punctuality?

Yes, it is very important to arrive on time! Our flight day is structured in slots with different customers and therefore it is not possible to start the activity late. As per our Terms & Conditions, delays of more than 15 minutes involve the cancellation of the flight and the loss of the deposit.

Can I bring my personal belongings with me?

Yes, there is a rear compartment behind the pilot’s harness to store a small backpack. Make sure you also bring your mobile phone with you, as at the end of the activity we will upload the photos and videos of your flight with a small adapter on it!

What's the exact flight duration?

On average, the duration of our flights is approximately 15 minutes for our Standard Flight and approximately 30 minutes for our Deluxe Flight. Kindly note that these durations are indicative and can vary a lot depending on weather conditions, the intensity of the winds and the presence of thermal currents.

Can I use my own GoPro or Camera during the flight?

Unfortunately not. Because of safety and insurance regulations, only FlyTicino’s pilots are authorized to take photos and videos during flight maneuvers. All personal passenger’s belongings must be stored in the special rear compartment of the harness, before take-off.

Is it better to fly on an empty stomach or after eating?

To minimize the risk of developing dizziness during the flight, we recommend having a light, dry meal, at least a couple of hours before activity.

Is the landing hard?

At FlyTicino we have developed a special landing technique in which the passenger remains seated, raises his legs and glides smoothly on a cushion while the pilot runs. Thanks to this procedure, most of the time the landing is very soft and is also suitable for elderly people or people with leg and back problems.

What happens in case of bad weather?

For safety reasons, it is possible that at any time (from a few days before to the same day) the flight may be canceled due to bad weather conditions. This decision is solely up to the professional pilots of FlyTicino. In case of flight cancellation, the guarantee deposit is fully refunded.

We look forward to fly with you!

Stefano Genazzini & Federico Soldati 

FlyTicino’s Cofounders