Congratulations, soon you will experience one of the most intense emotions ever: the magic of flying!
To better prepare yourself for this fantastic adventure, we ask you to read carefully the important information that follows!



  • We recommend wearing mountain or trekking shoes that support the ankles. If you don’t have them, you can also wear sneakers.
  • The ideal clothing for flying are comfortable pants, a sweater and a light windbreaker. Remember that it’s much colder in the air than it is on the ground, so long pants tend to be better than shorts.
  • We also suggest to bring sunglasses and sunscreen.



  • The total duration of the activity, from the initial meeting to the landing, is about 2 hours. To be safe, assume it’ll take 3 hours!
  • Please be on time! The cable car has a strict timetable and doesn’t wait for anyone. Furthermore, there may be other customers scheduled for a flight right after yours.
  • Important: paragliding is a sport whose practice depends strictly on weather conditions. Therefore, for security reasons, it is possible that at any time the flight may have to be canceled. This decision belongs exclusively to FlyTicino professional pilots (in these cases, of course, the guarantee deposit will be reimbursed).



  • Payment is requested at the end of the flight in cash and in Swiss francs. We kindly ask you to bring the exact amount agreed upon, as we don’t always have change. We don’t accept credit cards.
  • Important: if you have paid a guarantee deposit at the time of booking, this will be fully refunded to your credit card at the end of the flight. So the amount to be paid in cash at the end of the flight is the total cost of the flight agreed with Stefano Genazzini.



  • Please, come well rested and don’t drink any alcoholics before the flight.
  • It’s preferable to fly on an empty stomach (or after complete digestion). Ideally, you should have a light meal at least 3 hours before the flight!


Looking forward to flying with you!

Stefano Genazzini & Federico Soldati 

FlyTicino’s Cofounders