1. Parties and object of the contract

The Terms and Conditions of Sale (TCS) regulate the contractual relationship – and form an integral part of the contract – between FlyTicino, on the one hand, and the Customer, on the other. The object of the contract is the purchase of a gift certificate for a tandem paragliding flight with FlyTicino by the Customer.


2. Contract conclusion

The contract is concluded once the Customer sends the form to buy a FlyTicino gift voucher by credit card or by bank transfer. By sending the purchase form the customer acknowledges having read, understood and accepted, without reservation, the TCS. In case of disagreement with the TCS, the Customer refrains from sending the purchase form. The gift voucher is non-refundable.


3. Transferability of the gift voucher

The voucher is transferable and can therefore be used by anyone presenting it, regardless of the name of the recipient indicated on the voucher. If desired, the voucher owner can request the change of the recipient’s name indicated on the voucher (ie the issuing of a replacement voucher) at a cost of CHF 30.


4. Validity of the gift voucher

The gift voucher is valid for two flight seasons, clearly indicated on the voucher itself. The official flight season of FlyTicino runs rom April 1st to November 1st of each year. Outside this period the voucher cannot be redeemed. For accounting purposes, it is not possible to change or extend the validity period of a gift voucher.


5. Terms of use

The gift voucher entitles you to a tandem paragliding flight with FlyTicino, under the same conditions indicated on the Prices page. The mountains from which it is possible to fly with FlyTicino are exclusively Monte Tamaro and Cimetta. Due to the elevation difference between take-off and landing, the Standard flight can only be performed at Monte Tamaro, while the Deluxe flight can be carried out both from Monte Tamaro and Cimetta. FlyTicino designates two specific days each month, in which he is available to fly from Cimetta. Those dates are established within the end of each month, for the following month.


6. Booking a paragliding flight

Anyone wishing to redeem a gift voucher must first of all reserve a date and time of flight with FlyTicino, communicating their availability via WhatsApp to the number +41 79 796 76 18. FlyTicino, compatibly with the commitments already included in its agenda, will do its best to meet the preferences of dates and times indicated by the owner of the voucher. The latter must keep in mind that, especially in high season, it may be necessary to book the flight well in advance in order not to risk not finding any free seats in the preferred date and time. For organizational and security reasons, FlyTicino also reserves the right to provide its willingness to fly exclusively at certain flight sites, if it believes that the flight conditions, depending on the weather conditions of a given day, are safer than elsewhere.


7. Cancellation of the reservation by FlyTicino

FlyTicino has the right to cancel a reservation at any time if it deems that the weather conditions or the status of the passenger do not allow the safe carrying out of the activity. In this case FlyTicino will reschedule a new appointment with the voucher owner. The Client cannot request additional damages to FlyTicino.


8. Cancellation of the reservation by the voucher’s owner

The voucher’s owner can cancel his reservation, no later than 14 days before the agreed date for carrying out the activity, without the obligation of a justification. In this case he must send his cancellation request to FlyTicino via WhatsApp on +41 79 796 76 18 or by email to info@flyticino.ch clearly mentioning the intention to cancel the booking.


9. Cancellation after the deadline

Any cancellation of the booking by the voucher’s owner outside the period referred to in point 7. (including no-show or the arrival with a delay of more than 15 minutes), regardless of the reasons (force majeure included), entails FlyTicino to the invalidation of the gift voucher.


10. Jurisdiction and applicable law

The TCS are governed by Swiss law, excluding its rules of private international law. The competent court is Lugano (Switzerland), subject to appeal to the Federal Court.


11. Modification of the Terms and Conditions of sale

FlyTicino reserves the right to modify the TCS at any time and without notice, by publishing a new version of the TCS on the Website (which cancels and replaces the previous version). Any booking made after the publication by FlyTicino of a new version of the TCS implies acceptance of this new version.


Updated on July 18, 2017