Federico Soldati

Co-Founder & Certified Tandem Pilot

Languages: IT, FR, DE, EN, SP, RO
Federico Soldati vola in parapendio

Federico Soldati is the co-founder of FlyTicino and devotes himself personally to many of the tandem flights for FlyTicino. He was first exposed to paragliding at a young age, and since then has spent more time in the air than on the ground! He also loves to Hike & Fly.

Besides working as a tandem pilot, Federico Soldati is also a professional magician and host for the daily game show “Il Rompiscatole”.

Stefano Genazzini

Co-Founder & Certified Tandem Pilot

Languages: IT, FR, DE, EN
Volo in parapendio tandem a Locarno

Stefano is the co-founder of FlyTicino. He takes care of the entire organizational process with clients and also regularly flies as a tandem pilot himself. He started flying more than 20 years ago and his passion led him to travel across the globe to explore beautiful paragliding locations.

Stefano always strives to give his clients the best view of Ticino for as long as possible!

Paolo Domine

Instructor & Certified Tandem Pilot

Languages: IT, FR, DE
Voli in parapendio con passeggeri

Paolo collaborates regularly with FlyTicino as a tandem pilot. He was also dedicated to the art of acrobatic paragliding for many years and he managed to accomplish very difficult maneuvers.

In addition to being an amazing pilot himself, Paolo is also a great instructor to many aspiring pilots. When he is not flying, he loves spending time with his family and his beautiful sons Nathan and Nicolas.

Matteo Caprari

Certified Tandem Pilot

Languages: IT, FR, DE, EN, SP
Volo in parapendio in Ticino

Matteo first encountered paragliding at the age of 6 when his father, also a tandem pilot, took him for a flight 2000 meters above Locarno. Matteo’s love for paragliding was instantaneous and since then he knew he would one day fly himself too.

Over the years, Matteo has specialized in acrobatic paragliding and long-distance flights. He regularly competes internationally in both disciplines!

Marc Müller

Certified Tandem Pilot

Languages: IT, DE, EN
Volare in parapendio tandem in Ticino

Since he was a child, Marc’s greatest passions were flying and nature. How can you combine these two elements? With paragliding of course! At the age of 18 Marc joyfully passed his paragliding license exam.

Currently he practices the following disciplines: acrobatic paragliding, distance flights, speedflying, speedriding and of course tandem paragliding, especially from Cimetta over Locarno.