Federico Soldati

Co-Founder & Certified Tandem Pilot

Languages: IT, FR, DE, EN

Federico Soldati is the co-founder of FlyTicino and regularly carries out numerous tandem flights. He started paragliding in 2012 and has spent more time in the sky than on earth ever since!

In addition to working as a paragliding tandem pilot, Federico is also a professional magician and has been performing magic shows all over the world for many years.

Stefano Genazzini

Co-Founder & Certified Tandem Pilot

Languages: IT, FR, DE, EN

Stefano is the co-founder of FlyTicino. He takes care of the entire organizational process with clients and also regularly flies as a tandem pilot himself. He started flying more than 20 years ago and his passion led him to travel across the globe to explore beautiful paragliding locations.

Stefano always strives to give his clients the best view of Ticino for as long as possible!

Paolo Domine

Instructor & Certified Tandem Pilot

Languages: IT, FR, DE
Voli in parapendio con passeggeri

Paolo is a very experienced tandem pilot and regularly collaborates with FlyTicino. For many years he has dedicated himself to the art of acrobatic paragliding, a discipline that has seen him participating in numerous competitions, with excellent results.

Paolo is also a great paragliding instructors with many years of experience and loves sharing his knowledge with pilots learning their way in this sport.

Vlad Ioanid

Certified Tandem Pilot

Languages: IT, DE, EN

Since he was a child, Vlad’s greatest passions were flying and nature. How to combine these two elements? With paragliding of course! Vlad’s favorite specialty is Hike & Fly, the discipline in which he climbs to the top of the mountain, with very light flying equipment, and then flies down.

In addition to regularly paragliding in Ticino, Vlad is a martial arts instructor, of which he has always been very passionate.